React.js by example

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The best way to learn React.js (+ES6) is to learn from people who are already experienced. The book contains several example UI widgets - each of them makes a chapter. Each chapter shows a way thinking of the developer who created the example code. This book package contains codebases for most of the examples. They are all ready to run and experiment with.


Examples (every one is a step-by-step chapter) in the book:

  • Credit Card Input
  • Twitter Posting Box
  • Reddit-like list of articles with upvoting
  • Slack inspired, quick channel switcher
  • Password strength meter
  • Dynamic invoice line items
  • Telephone number prefix depending on selected country
  • Two connected dropdowns to pick a car brand and model
  • Button preventing duplicate submissions
  • Placeholders that stay visible when writing in the input
  • Star icon selector like in Gmail
  • Table sortable by multiple columns