Async Remote


The book is about improving the process of working on a software application. Wait, but isn’t that what Agile is all about? Yes, but we want to take you further than the standard, classic Agile techniques that you already probably embraced (at least partially). We are talking about soft skills and technical procedures, because both of them can bring you benefits when applied properly.




  • How to provide business value to customers and be able to learn new things at work. Can you start learning frontend when you are a backend developer, or the other way around?
  • Small stories. What’s their value and what kind of problems do they solve?
  • Sprints. Are you really having them? Or maybe you are working day by day to improve the codebase and release new features?
  • How to deal with positive and negative risks that affect IT projects so that people are always working on the most important task right now.
  • The rule that makes programmers more effective at selecting next tasks.
  • Developers attitude to project management. Why should developers improve their soft skills and how to do it.
  • Customer meetings. How to take most of them?
  • Developers talking to clients and creating tickets. Trully collaborative nature of work.
  • The life without Project Managers. Can it exist? How can developers become more independent?
  • Extracing tickets from documentation of feature. How to deal with big features and attack them step by step in 2 different ways.
  • Over-communication. Why do you need to communicate differently when working remotely?
  • And more...

PDF, EPUB, MOBI (Kindle), 137 pages of value. Great for Developers, Product Owners and Managers.